Our Minecraft Server

Stats and Map

Server Address: mc.readyplayeremma.com

Players Online: 0/32

Version: Paper 1.17.1

Style: Survival

Live Map:
Click here for full page map

Getting Started


A cute and fun place for survival Minecraft with a fun and supportive community. We have a Discord server, a server guide, a dynamic map website, and fully support Vivecraft for playing in VR using any SteamVR compatible virtual reality headset.

How to Join

You can join the server by connecting to mc.readyplayeremma.com. In order to get build permissions, you will also need to join the ReadyPlayerEmma Discord using this link: https://discord.gg/GAEctru

When you first join the Discord, you will need to ask Neon to be friends. Then she will promote you, enabling you to join the rest of the Discord Server. Once there, visit the #minecraft channel and announce your Minecraft username to the mods. You can use @mc-mods to mention them if needed. A mod will add your build permissions shortly.

If you want a little boost to help you get started, you can vote for the server to get reward items using this link: https://rpe.pub/mcvote


Primarily, just be nice to each other. If you are wondering if something is okay to do, please ask first.

Here are a few of the basics. This is just a starting point, not a complete list of the rules. Try to stay wholesome. Try to help each other out when you can. No booli. No racism or other kinds of bigotry. No NSFW content. Don't steal. Don't mess with other peoples builds unless invited. Don't cheat. Don't hack. Don't spam. Ask before doing something you are not sure about.

Supporting the Server

Recurring Server Costs

The server costs about $45 USD per month for hosting. We are hosted on a dedicated server that I personally manage. The costs and maintenance work/upgrades of the Minecraft server isn't done by a team, it's literally just me.

If you enjoy the server, any support you can provide to help the server become self-sufficient is something I would be extremely grateful for. It helps me to know the server is something worthwhile to keep investing so much of my time into.

I have spent many dozens of hours learning how to optimize the server carefully to make it free of lag, not including the time building and setting up all the little extras we have that set us apart from other servers, like the map above, the Discord chat bridge, the voting reward system, and the website.

If you want to help me keep doing this, supporting with Patreon using the link above is the best way to make sure we can continue this awesome journey ^_^ Special Minecraft rewards for patrons are coming soon too!

Why a dedicated server?

The performance of our server is much better than most servers our size. Having a relatively large world, when users roam around and are scattered across the world in many places, lots of memory is needed to keep enough chunks loaded to prevent lag. Our server has 16GB of fast memory to support this.

In addition, the design of Mojang's Minecraft server, which all Minecraft server software is based on, is mostly single threaded. This means that high CPU speed is important when it comes to reducing lag on the server. We use a server with an i7 processor to ensure minimal lag with more players online.

Command Guide

In-game Commands

Show the link to vote for the server.
Teleports you to the server spawn. Note: All commands that result in a teleport will require that you remain still for three seconds after issuing the command, or the server will cancel the teleport.
Shows a list of warp points.
/warp <warp-name>
Teleports you to a particular warp point.
Lists your personal home locations.
/sethome <home-name>
Assigns the current position to a personal home location with the specified name.
/delhome <home-name>
Deletes one of your previously set personal home locations.
/home <home-name>
Teleports you to your home location with the specified name.
/tpa <user-name>
Ask to teleport to the specified user.
/tpahere <user-name>
Ask the specified user to teleport to you.
Accept a teleport request that was made to you.
Deny a teleport request that was made to you.
Return to the place you were before the last teleport. This can only return you to the main world, and will not return you to the nether or the end.
Use any block as a headpiece ^^