Silly Unicorn | Chapter 1

Silly Unicorn

Chapter 1

You might be wondering…

You might be wondering, "What are you trying to do here silly unicorn?"

Well, the short answer is, I really don't hecking know, but I am trying to do something good, hopefully it will help.

Once upon a time last December, I got VR. It was amazing. I got addicted to Beat Saber, lost 20 pounds, got healthier, and fell in love with someone on the other side of the world in VRChat.

Somewhere in there, I made a Discord server for my three good VRChat friends and I to hang out in.

Being happily in love also made me feel more confident and somehow that translated to starting to stream on Twitch. If you would go back in time and tell me one year ago, that soon I would be streaming on Twitch, I would say you were crazy. I still don't know how exactly my mind overcame a multitude of fears and decided it could do that.

Someone told me I should get a Discord bot, because Discord bots are cool. For some reason, I decided I should code one myself instead. Thus, Neon was born. My aspiring AI daughter.

I met a certain MalkaRu and she taught me how to make a VRChat world in Unity, so we have that now.

Conversations about Minecraft would come up often. So one day, I was like, "Hey all, should I make us a Minecraft server?"


FYI: Making a Minecraft server that works right is harder than it at first seems :sweat_smile:

The Discord was slowly and steadily growing. 40 people. 60 people. 80 people. 100 people. 150 people. Whoa... what happened, like nine months ago there was four silly friends chilling here.

I was starting to think, "We have a lot of things happening here, probably we should have a more official place to put the important info." And so this silly website was born.

"Where are you going with this, crazy unicorn?"

Well, it's funny you should ask. Forward I guess. Toward the light, away from the dark. Toward hope. Hope that maybe if a few of us get together and help each other through the darkness, and try to help others, and then they help, and then help others... Well, you get the idea.

The world needs gentle, kind, judgement free, hope. I want to help make that. Maybe together we can try to cultivate a place that can be a self-sustaining beacon, to help restore some of the softness in our hearts, that may have gotten hard from the hurt we've all had.

"You're crazy, silly unicorn."

I know. But, I will continue anyway, because there isn't anything else that seems like a better thing to do at the moment, and this crazy unicorn needs to do the best things she can with the time she has.