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What is the trippy song index?

If you have watched me stream Beat Saber, you should know by now that I love to play songs with crazy lightshows, chroma lite effects, amazing wall effects, etc.. So, this is a place where I collect those awesome songs to remind you of some of my favorites to request during the streams.

This list started because of an awesome Twitch viewer, that_thing_you_like. They treated me to an amazing stream of trippy requests, and then later were kind enough to supply the list of trippy songs they had collected.

The smartlist section is auto-populated with recently added songs that have sufficient walls per second and a decent rating. It checks for new songs that meet the criteria every hour.

The actual list is below. Now you can enjoy them too ^^

My Twitch

Trippy Smartlist

Curated Trippy

Future Plans

I plan for this list to be more interactive later, allowing new submissions through the web interface, and allowing upvotes to provide an actual ranking. This will be supported by allowing users to log in using their Discord accounts.